Wisp Classes

The following wisp classes are available.

  • (common) Wisp
  • (uncommon) Culler, Seeker
  • (rare) Beacon, Dazzler
  • (very rare) Starling, Guardian
  • (ultra rare) Luminary, Stormchaser
  • Zombie, Vampire

What do the classes do?

  • Culler kills spiders
  • Seeker heals injured creatures
  • Dazzler boosts social stats
  • Beacon boosts morale
  • Starling boosts loyalty
  • Guardian makes items last longer and restore mating tokens
  • Luminary boosts the S+ stat
  • Stormchaser waters the plants.
  • Zombies & Vampires aren't particularly useful. But it's fun to watch your pets flee when a zombie bites!

Wisps also have a secret power! They each do 5% of a worker's and a tinker's job, so having 20 wisps is like having an extra worker and tinker in your garden.