Trade In System

If you have pets that you no longer want to breed, do not meet your breeding requirements or have used all their breeding turns up, you can Convert the pet into Toy-Mode and points for the Trade In system.

You can see your pet's point value in the Data HUD when you click on the pet. Often, a fully mature pet will be worth more points than a baby.

Once you obtain 750 trade-in points, you can Gamble and receive a random Papillon item.

How To Trade In

  1. Rez the Papillon Rewards Card from your inventory to the ground near your pet.
  2. Click on your pet. The menu will appear.
  3. Click the Convert option. You will be prompted to confirm.
  4. Click "SURE" to convert. You will see a message that confirms the conversion. Your pet will be placed in permanent Toy Mode and the number above your Rewards Card will change.

How To Gamble

  1. Rez the Papillon Rewards Card from your inventory. You will see your trade-in points in hover text above the card.
  2. Click the card. A menu will appear.
  3. Click "Gamble" and wait for your random prize to be delivered.

About Gambling


Every 750-points gives you a chance to win one of dozens of prizes. Your odds of winning one of the rarer prizes is based on how many times you've gambled; the more times you try, the better your odds are of moving into the next category of prizes!

Prizes include plants (tiny, small, large, and gigantic), gardening supplies (5-charge, 15 charge, and possibly even eternal!), accessories (bee hives, longevity pools, warming stones, hollow logs), and even ultra-rare 'special' chrysalis' with enhanced mutation chances that can give incredible results.

Every attempt at a prize will result in SOMETHING being rewarded, though most attempts will get something fairly mundane; on a single attempt, your chances of winning something spectacular are roughly one in a thousand; every additional attempt gradually reduces that ratio until you reach one in a hundred; upon receiving a special prize, your count resets to one in a thousand.