Papillon Menus

Topmost Menu

  • Go.Home: Sends the pet home.
  • Adventure: Brings up the adventuring menus.
  • Convert: Converts the pet into points and forces toy-mode; must have a gift card rezzed to receive points.


  • Group: Allows group-specific breeding
  • Owner: Limits breeding to only your pets
  • Everyone: Allows public breeding
  • Set.Mate: Sets a specific mate; must be one of your butterflies, not someone elses
  • Mate: Allows mating
  • NoMate: Denies mating


  • Forget: Erases a social script, by name
  • List: Lists all currently added social scripts
  • View: Views a specific script, by name
  • Enable: Enables social scripts and auto-greets.
  • Disable: Disables social scripts and auto-greets.
  • Learn: Learns a new script or greeting. Social scripts must be enabled first.


  • Set.Name: Sets a pet's name: @, !, ~, &, and # are invalid characters; must be a single short word (1-15 characters)
  • Set.Home: Sets the pet's home to its current location.
  • Text
    • Brief: Hides most text
    • Long: Displays some text
    • Detailed: Displays full text
    • Show: Allows text to be visible
    • Hide: Hides hovertext
    • Chatter
      • Active: Information is sent via IM on click
      • Whisper: Information is whispered on click
      • None: No information is sent and no blue menus appear on click


  • Speed: Lists available movement frequency speeds
  • Orbit: Allows pets to orbit nearby avatars and each other
  • No.Orbit: Prevents orbiting; much less laggy!
  • Allow: Allows movement
  • Deny: Prevents movement
  • Range: Lists available movement ranges


  • Pet: Returns the breedable to full-pet mode.
  • Toy: Turns the breedable into a toy; no longer eats or mates, but continues to be pretty.