Papillon Huds

You can view information and control your Papillon pets through the use of various HUDS. To wear a HUD, double click it in your inventory.

Data HUD


Butterfly's Name [Buttefly's unique ID] (Gender)
Current Tier, Butterfly's Class, Buttefly's Size Glow Type
Current Life, Current Food, Current Social levels
Wing-color offsets; the farther they are from 0.5 (up or down), the better
Time until next mating cycle, amount of mating cycles left

Any mutations are displayed here.

Age: The butterfly's age, current and maximum.
M+/L+/F+/S+: These are the butterfly's current bonuses from morale, loyalty, food, and mutagenic shrooms.
-<>/h: This is how much the butterfly is currently eating each hour. Workers have a + instead, and display how much they've restored.
XP: Current experience towards next tier.
MEM:, VAL: Current memory available (should be between 3500-6500). Current butterfly value in points, towards conversion/score-board

Adventure HUD


This HUD allows you to view your pet's adventure information.

The top box indicates your pet's life points, level, experience and gold.

The box on the left indicates your pet's currently equipped Weapon, Armor, Accessory and Potion.

The box on the right indicates your pet's loot and carried inventory.

Control HUD


The control HUD has many of the same configuration options as the pet's normal pop-up menu. However, this HUD makes a command to all of your pets, allowing you to control them as a group. This is good for sending your pets back home, allowing all pets to move, denying all pet movement, turning off orbit, turning off hover text, etc.

Scoreboard HUDs

The Butterfly Scoreboard lists the butterflies that have the highest value score in the world.
The Adventurer Scoreboard lists the butterflies with the highest adventure levels in the world.

Both HUDs can be worn or rezzed into world to view. You can use the small arrows at the bottom of the HUD to navigate between pages of scores.

Viewer HUD

The Viewer HUD makes a list of all of your Papillon pets over the top of the HUD item. This comes in two types — wide spacing and narrow spacing.