Adventure Hostiles And Merchants

Creature/Encounter Descriptors: (bonus/penalty to their possible attack/defense/damage/life, specific bonus to what varies by descriptor)
Dying/Starving = -4
Decrepit/Frail = -3
Small/Wounded = -2
Feeble/Hungry/Hurt = -1

Threatening/Hideous/Large = +1
Treacherous/Dangerous/Cruel/Devious = +2
Wicked/Vile/Deadly = +3
Baleful/Lethal/Ruthless = +4
Grim/Malignant/Ruinous = +5

Weak Monsters = goblin, kobold, imp, gnoll, monster, skeleton, zombie, crocodile, stirge, vermin, critter, wolf, bear, boar, wild dog, flock of bats, colony of ants, swarm of rats, reptile, fox, grimlin

Average Monsters = orc raiding band, pack of wolves, goblin ambush party, kobold scouting party, ghoul, wight, chimera, gargoyle, giant serpent, worg, wraith, worg, beast

Strong Monsters = ogre, troll, giant spider, giant beetle, griffon, elemental, hag, naga, medusa, manticore

Dangerous Monsters = vampire, werewolf, demon, fiend, devil, spirit, oni, rakshasa, ghost, drake, giant, mummy, hellion, horror

Deadly Monsters = dragon whelp, wyvern, cyclops, nightmare, behemoth

Boss Monsters = dragon, lich, elemental lord, titan


Sometimes your butterfly will run across merchants who will purchase your trinkets. The amount of gold they give you for the trinkets vary as follows:

wealthy = double and more!
crooked = third value
shady = half value
wicked = -2
peculiar = +1
weird = +3
bizarre = +5
noble = +5
merchan = +3
trader = +1

For example, a wealthy noble will give you +5 value on every bauble, DOUBLED!

Merchants also have a slim chance of offering you a special item, if you have the gold to afford it!