About Adventure Mini Game

The adventuring mini-game included with the butterflies is simply intended to be a distraction, and actually plays little role in the butterfly's development. The butterfly's level, equipment, and number of quests completely serves no purposes other than self-gratification and competition with other players.

Butterfly Modifiers

  • Hu = DEF +6
  • Rin = OFF +3, DEF +3
  • Tor = OFF +4
  • Qin = OFF +2, DEF +2
  • Fey = OFF +1
  • Lune = DEF +1
  • Shin = OFF +1, DEF +1
  • Fuu = OFF +2, DEF +2
  • Faded, Vibrant = OFF +1
  • Dark, Brilliant = OFF +3
  • Shadowed, Shining = OFF +5
  • Midnight, Luminous = OFF +7
  • Soldier = OFF +2, DMG +1, Chance of Critical Hits
  • Priest/Priestess = DEF +2, Chance of Healing, Reduced Healing Costs
  • Bard = DEF +2, Chance of instantly defeating any enemy by tricking them! Bonus loot chances!
  • Princes/Princess = Bonuses to gold and baubles
  • King/Queen = Absurd bonuses to gold and baubles


Each time your butterfly wanders off an adventure a timer begins, and at each segment of the journey, an event may or may not happen. The actual details of the encounter are hidden, but the final outcome is printed out to the owner, along with any rewards that may be linked to that encounter; some are hostile, some are not. Any hostile encounter bears a chance of acquiring a randomized trinket as part of the 'loot', which in most cases is beneficial to the butterfly's adventuring career.


Each new level of experience makes it easier to defeat encounters and raises the odds of coming home safely. The various difficulties of the quests scale rather dramatically… a moderate is twice as hard as an easy, a hard is twice as hard as a moderate, an epic is twice as hard as a hard, and a legendary is twice as hard as an epic; the rewards likewise scale, however, making it worthwhile for those who can complete them.


Every descriptor used in the adventuring minigame has a purpose; a dying monster is much easier to defeat than a vile one. The various words each have different values as far as gear is concerned, as well as the sites you encounter, and NPCs you may stumble across.


The equipment you stumble across along the way is generated randomly, as are the creatures and everything else. The potential bonus for any item you find is equal to your level, or half of your level, depending on what factors it actually boosts. Weapons boost attack and damage, armor boosts defense and damage resistance, and trinkets boost all of the above! Potions can be consumed for quick healing along the way, and the butterfly will automatically consume anything equipped once they're injured badly enough.

Unwanted equipment can be sold when the butterfly is not adventuring; there is no way to 'remove' gear except to replace something else over it. There's no real excuse for NOT wanting something in the slot… a bonus is a bonus. Gear can be traded to other butterflies using Treasure Chest accessories.

Special Items

SPECIAL potions/elixers can be discovered from adventuring that actually affects the butterfly; the potions can be drank to increase the level of glow/fade, size, and even purify the butterfly's colors or make it Eternal/live forever. These potions are rare-rewards from adventuring, and even rarer rewards from gambling.

It's important to note that you should NOT purchase gear/gamble/transfer equipment while on an adventure or close to a 'tick' along the way. The system saves and resets the scripts regularly, and data can be lost if it isn't 'idle'. That doesn't mean that you can't purchase potions while out on an adventure, but try not to do it too close to the end of one of the rounds (watch the little bar, it ticks down until the round is over).